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We're stoked about the Look Pivot 15 GW Ski Binding because it builds on the reputation of Look's metal bindings that have made them so popular. Like the originals, the Pivot 15 GW Ski biding boasts the same fully metal construction found in the Pivot 18 but with a slightly mellower spring that accommodates more common and reasonable DIN settings. The final result is a durable binding with a stable feel that has an intuitive release feel for skiers of all abilities. The pivoting heel piece lets skier twist their foot for a quick release, yet only comes off when you need it to with the proper DIN setting.

Look Pivot 15 GW B115-Raw Silver

SKU: 210000003537
    • Full metal freestyle bindings with an accomodating DIN range
    • 6-15 DIN range caters to lighter skiers who like to experiment
    • 7 points of contact with ski drive power to your edges
    • Famous pivot heel is designed for high-speed twisting falls
    • Short mounting zone allows your skis to flex naturally
    • Low stand height provides excellent feel and quick response
    • 180° release in the toe adds reliable performance in common falls
    • Accommodates both GripWalk and alpine soles for ease of access

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