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The ultimate example of trickle-down technology, the Race Pro Skate is the rebranded version of our former flagship model, the Redline Carbon Skate. With numerous Olympic and World Cup victories on its resume, this is a serious high-end ski with proven performance at the highest level.


With a lower price tag compared to the Redline, the Race Pro Skate ski offers a more affordable way to put skis on your feet that will help you achieve your goals. The carbon construction of the Race Pro Skate provides a powerful and stable platform, as well as our top level P300 Nano base to help you set the pace. The universal camber profile designed to handle all snow condition makes this ski a versatile option for any ambitious racer.

Madshus Nanosonic Carbon Skate Ski

SKU: 210000001964
  • PR 100X CORE:

    A high-performance Rohacell foam core with extreme strength-to-weight characteristics and excellent damping qualities. Pre-formed to our 3D shape and reinforced with triaxial braiding, to maximize strength, optimize stiffness, and save weight.


    Interlocking strands of fiberglass and carbon fiber surround the entire core, producing excellent torsional rigidity and strength with light weight and a lively response.


    The ideal low angle splay calculated to lengthen the ski’s pressure zone, maximizing glide for cold and compact snow conditions.


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