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The Vans Viaje Range Edition Snowboard Boots are designed to progress you farther, ride harder, and get shreddier than ever before. For backcountry travel and days beyond the rope lines, the Range Edition's Adaptive Range mode featuring an extended range of motion that makes booting and skiing a breeze. Give yourself a quality setup so you can explore as far as your body can go thanks to the Vans Viaje Range Edition Snowboard Boots. (Vans Viaje Range Edition Women's

Vans Viaje Snowboard Boots

$389.99 Regular Price
$311.99Sale Price
  • Flex

    Flex Rating – 6 - 9 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)

    Instep Flex Zone - Boa Specific – The Instep Flex Zone functions to maintain natural ankle flexion in your boot, whether in or out of your bindings.

    Vans Flex Control System – Removable high-rebound Hytrel® tongue stiffeners allow riders to custom-tune their flex. Slide them both in for maximum support, use just one to provide either increased lateral or medial response or leave them out for a softer-flexing boot. As boots soften up over the course of a season, you can add the tongue stiffeners back in to extend the life of your boots.

    Asymmetrical Flex Zone


    Powercuff Strap – Providing extra support at the top of the boot for increased stability and response. Its configuration gives riders customizable levels of engagement and the option of wrapping the strap around the internal liner or the exterior tongue.

    Exocap Molded Toe Protection – A molded plastic toe cap provides maximum protection and extra space in the toe box to keep your toes wiggling and warm.

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